The novel and movie Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James has captivated more than 100 million people with its portrayal of romance fueled by BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadomasochism).

Now you can learn how to perform or enjoy more than 50 of the actual BDSM skills mentioned in the novel. Kink University presents the most comprehensive crash course in kinky lifestyles, with 13 downloadable video tutorials (adding one per week beginning January 15, 2015). Learn everything from basic bondage, to active domination/submission, to designing your own "red room of pain."

Ignite your own passions and discover how to bring authentic BDSM skills, taught by renown experts, into your own love life.

Episode 1:

Initiation to BDSM (Consent, Negotiation & Aftercare)

This is a must-see video for anyone new to BDSM or trying to introduce a partner to kinky sex. Learn the secrets that make bondage extremely liberating and actually safer than some mainstream sex. Award-winning, worldwide presenter, and genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee explains the basics of getting into kinky play and sex, including Giving and Gaining Consent, Negotiation (Soft and Hard Limits), and Aftercare. Then they demonstrate the basics in an impromptu scene with Emma Haize. Read More

Episode 2:

Easy, Sexy Bondage (Tying with Rope, Neckties, Tape, & More)

Learn more than a dozen ways to restrain your lover, focusing on the bondage implements mentioned in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. This tutorial takes you beyond the skills described in the story and shows how you can do it even better. Techniques include bedpost bondage with rope, quick wrist restraint with a necktie, leather cuffs, various types of tape, cable ties, ball gags, and even your partner's own T-shirt. Read More

Episode 3:

Lifestyle Dominance & Submission

Discover dominance secrets Dom/sub couples use to maintain a connection, mentally and physically, even when apart. See how controlling your lover's choices and actions can make for consensual fun. Dietary Control. Forced Exercise. Distance D/s (via texting, webcam, and more). Read More

Episode 4:

Dominance & Submission Basics

Whether you're full-time D/s or just for the night, learn these play techniques that drive your dominance deeper into the mind of your submissive. Instruct their dressing. Turn them on. Tease them hard. Terralthra and his slave Ransom demonstrate how they use clothing control, humiliation, masturbation by command and even orgasm control to establish and enforce dominance and submission in their scenes. Read More

Episode 5:

Impact Play (Spanking, Caning, Floggers, Riding Crops, & Belts)

See how you can safely and sensually perform the impact play described in Fifty Shades of Grey. Danarama and Cadence Cross demonstrate how to deliver pleasurable pain, using spanking (including advanced positions), as well as implements like a flogger, riding crop, and belts. Also learn the science behind the pleasurable effects of sensual pain, including brain chemistry, and how to use that to create a mind-blowing experience for your partner. Read More

Episode 6:

Sensual Sensory Deprivation

From the seduction of anonymity to the mindfuck of isolation, learn how masks and sensory deprivation can heighten physical sensations, submission, and sensuality. Mona Wales and Siouxsie Q demonstrate the wide array of articles and devices (including blindfolds, earphones, and masks) you can use to put your partner into a submissive headspace. Insulate them from sights and sounds so they focus purely on the sensations you deliver. Read More

Episode 7:

Oral Sex the Dominant Way
Blowjobs and Cunnilingus

Giving and receiving oral sex is such a vulnerable and sensitive part of sexuality, it can be difficult for some BDSM tops to maintain a role of dominance throughout. Danarama and Mona Wales demonstrate amazing techniques that will not only make you the boss when it comes to giving (or getting) head, but also establish and maintain a powerfully dominant energy and guide your partner into giving you the best blowjobs. Read More

Episode 8:

Playful & Painful

Taking control in the bedroom is easy when you know some of the basics of handling your partner in a dominant manner, with confident arm holds, gentle or firm hair holds, or exciting nipple torture. Lamalani demonstrates a variety of arm control holds, soft take-downs and hair pulling techniques, and then shows ways to exert control using nipple clamps, nipple suction and more. Read More

Episode 9:

Sex Toys: Vibes and Other Insertables

Learn how to turn up the fire down below, with kinky techniques for using small insertable sex toys and special skills to take your partner to the edge of orgasm--and beyond it, with insertable toys like "Ben Wa" kegel balls, bullet vibrators, anal plugs, and more. Danarama and Kay Kardia demonstrate these items and show how true pleasure can be in the little things. Read More

Episode 10:

Full-Time Dominance & Submission

Ready to kick your D/s up a notch, or even try it full-time? Here's what you need to know about consensual contracts, binding your partner into service to you, including guiding their spending habits. Penny Barber and Ella Nova demonstrate Slave Contracts as tools of negotiation and service. They also discuss and demonstrate how to use Financial Domination for deepening engagement with your submissive on a full-time level as well as money-oriented games and role playing. Read More

Episode 11:

Dungeon Design

Learn tips for converting a space in your apartment or house into a home dungeon. See examples of others' kinky spaces and how to solve common issues. Read More

Episode 12:

Deep Kissing & Bathtub Sex

Learn how to spice up your make-out skills with proven tips and techniques that will make you an unforgettable kisser! Plus, discover the joy of sex in the bathtub. Mickey Mod and Juliette March share their porn star secrets for engaging in hot, wet, and wild fucking in the bathroom. Read More

Episode 13:

Protocol and Position Training

Learn about Master/slave protocol, with Maestro Stefanos, his 24/7 partner and slave Shay and their lifestyle partner Nikki Darling. See authentic practices from their real life experience. This tutorial covers submissive headspace, verbal and physical protocols, private and public rules of the road, as well as memorized positions, rituals, manners, and more. Plus, gain an insight into the sub-side aspects of Protocol and how the submissive or slave can build the Dominance & submission (D/s) dynamic from the bottom. Read More